Toggle or momentary operation allows the trigger pads to act as function switches, transport controls, or to be assigned to various control change messages. The X-Y pad has earned an unshakable reputation as a superb controller. Either toggle or momentary style switching can be individually selected for maximum flexibility. News Location Social Media. Or set them to control filter cutoff and resonance, or multiple delay parameters for evocative and expressive performance and mixing possibilities. Enjoy the same deals at our retail showroom!

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In sending note messages, the foot pedal has all the same parameters as the trigger pad — except for velocity curve, of course.

They respond well no matter where you strike them, not just in the center like many other systems. The pads have a striking visual behavior, which will move you to visually groove along with your playing. Pads assigned to CC messages stay lit to show their status. Even the footswitch input can be set as a momentary or toggle switch for any parameter. Editor Librarian and dfh Korg Edition currently run fine under Rosetta. Sixteen great-feeling trigger pads let you play expressive drum parts, send control change messages, even provide transport control for your DAW software.

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Each pad can be set individually to send either a note message or a control change message. In conjunction with the Flam and Roll features, the X-axis will control the roll speed or flam interval, and the Y-axis will control the dynamics of the flam or roll strokes, allowing realistic in ways never before possible.


Korg padKONTROL Kpc-1 USB Midi Studio Sampler Pad Controller KPC1 Drum Machine | eBay

The values transmitted by the X-Y pad can even be inverted, making this an amazingly flexible control environment. Change to Desktop Version. Three variations of the Illumination mode cause the trigger pads to light up in unique patterns. Main Features Sixteen trigger pads for playing realistic drum parts with natural dynamics.

We always recommend that you use the latest driver. So you can freely play the pads with both hands, hit the edges or the center and get responsive, musical results – every time!

In addition, thirty preset scenes are included, designed to instantly match the padKONTROL to some of the most popular music software programs. Korg Kross 61 Keys Workstation Keyboard. Thankfully, once you have all the controllers set the way you like, you can save the entire set of assignments as a “User Scene.

A MIDI message can be assigned to each pad, and they can be set for momentary or toggle operation. In this MIDI studio controller, drums are just the beginning.

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For example you could assign pitch bend to the X-axis, and reverb depth to the Y-axis. Thirty pre-loaded scenes provide instant compatibility with popular music software titles. Support Manuals Software Drivers.


You can easily invert kkrg values sent from kkpc of these controllers so you can quickly adjust them to your needs.

Either toggle or momentary style switching can be individually selected for maximum flexibility. Moving from left to right increases the speed of the roll, or the distance between the flammed notes; moving up increases the volume of the roll, or the second note in the flam.

X-Y pad for a richer control environment.


The dynamic-sensing trigger pads offer eight velocity lorg to match any playing style. Combining an assignable X-Y touchpad that also provides for natural-sounding flams and rolls, sixteen great-feeling illuminated trigger pads, assignable knobs and a footpedal input, the padKONTROL provides unsurpassed evocative control.

During the installation process, some Alert Dialogs may appear, as the installer is not fully compatible with Vista.

Eight different dynamic curves are available for each pad, or you can set each pad to its own fixed level. Expressive X-Y pad offers dynamic kotg for natural sounding flams and rolls. Korg Pitchblack Custom Black. This allows you to set up certain instruments to feel as you like, and others to always play the perfect velocity, no matter how you strike the pad.

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