Where can I buy spare parts for an InfoPrint printer? IBM Print Speeds 1. How do the specifications compare between the InfoPrint and the Printronix printers? The specifications are identical. Printronix offers a wide range of service contracts and repair services for InfoPrint products.

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Yes, InfoPrint branded supplies will remain available from the same sources you may already be dealing with today.

IBM Product Support | Printronix

Nominal power at VAC: Message – Please tell us any other information or questions you have. Model v10 And v1P.

Who will handle existing service contracts? Since the InfoPrint and Printronix IPDS versions were constructed independently, there may be some initial compatibility gaps, but these should not be a concern. These adjustments can easily be performed at the time of installation and Solutlons CSC stands ready to help with any questions. Users of InfoPrint branded products will need to look to InfoPrint or its successor for any warranty terms and service.

Model v05 And v5P. Printronix is not authorized to sell InfoPrint branded printers past this last sales date, so no inventory can be accepted back. Printronix offers a direct match for each line matrix and thermal printer knfoprint offered by InfoPrint.


How are the line matrix control panels different? The specifications are identical. Standard Epson FX Moreover, with its print speeds of lpm to lpm, interfaces, configurations and options make the series a true investment in your printing needs for today and tomorrow.

Will InfoPrint printers and options continue to be available? The series has the flexibility and forms handling capability to support multi-part forms, financial reports, invoices payroll information and program listings.

They provide a vehicle to configure the printer, a display for error and status messages and keys for the basic functions like feeding paper and taking the printer off-line.

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For thermal printers the operator panel is the same between brands. IBM System Attachments. The family of line matrix printers support multiple data streams: Printronix is still supplying ribbons for its first printers shipped in !

Holders of InfoPrint service contracts will need to look to InfoPrint or its successor for fulfillment of repair services under their current contracts.

It is Printronix intention to vigorously identify and correct any issues known today and as they may be found in the future.

Furthermore, as a core business, Printronix continues to cokpany in this technology providing new products and services to expand the value of line printing technology to the InfoPrint customer and partner base. However, the exact menu sequence is different between the two and the display for the InfoPrint panel has a larger number of characters. Printronix will hold and be responsible for all warranty claims on Printronix branded equipment.


Printronix will not carry the warranty for InfoPrint branded equipment. IBM Printer Emulations.

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Can InfoPrint 650 users or business partners call Printronix for technical support? Download the Parts Cross Reference Guide by selecting your language below. Long term — No.

Multiple data stream support capability: How to Transition to the Printronix Portfolio. Printronix has the complete range of products, spare parts, supplies and services to fully cover the needs of customers and business partners using InfoPrint line matrix products. IBM Print Speeds 1.