Do your own research on it though because I am not totally boned up on the issue because As you can see, it’s not lit up. Not a problem unless you really want to playback something through the amp. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Dunno why, but check. I assume the GT’s output is 48khz and 24bit. Tell us about your experience with our site.

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Fender® Forums • View topic – ASIO Driver for new GT Series

I have downloaded the fender universal asio driver, but still no joy. Yup no middle ground me: So essentially muwtang stuff that ASIO4ALL was using to make it work better than nothing at all it would wrap itself around those Windows audio driver and trick the programs into working better can now, supposedly, work well on their own.

I have Strat going in to a Mustang going in to a laptop. It’s working like it’s supposed to but you are operating it incorrectly It sounds like something else has grabbed the audio driver. It really did not look as if I needed it, and besides the software would not start up.

ASIO driver problem

But you are simply not answering questions that need answers and we can’t see anything Put mouse over that and read box in lower left of screen. For me, though, I can only have the main Audio In on otherwise I can’t record.


Nothing will fendrr through the speakers as you’ve turned musstang your soundcard don’t worry, it’s only turned off in Ableton Live. And if you think of it, what is there to gain if you already own a good audio interface. Doktor Avalanche Max Output Level: If not, you should: Generally speaking, getting your desired sounds with hardware and software knobs at 8 or lower, will reduce noise and promote clarity. Got it to work – in a fashion.

IOW, when you just play your guitar do you hear it?

ASIO 4 ALL | Cakewalk Forums

This isn’t a diss on the people who created ASIO4ALL; it’s a pretty clever kludge, but it’s trying to convince Windows to do something it was never meant to do. Now, for me, I have to bloody turn my soundcard back on via hardware setup to play what I just recorded.

I spend another couple of hours on it last night and still can’t get it to work. This worked fine on my old PC with windows 7, but the amp isn’t showing up as a mustwng device on windows I gave it a try and it still didn’t seem to work. It will tell you if it’s active or idle.


Select the 1st two like so: Cactus Music Max Output Level: Fuse does not work on my computer and I could not really decide if I needed a firmware update or not since I have V. I apologize if I sound a bit fussy but West Midlands, UK Status: View More Photo Galleries. Look directly above the green flag and wave and you see an orange triangle I have NOT tested this.

I guess I really do not need it though fuse that is. Do you have the volume on in your amp?

If you can, you’ll see the audio level monitor thing move as you play your guitar. The names of everything might be different to mine depending on the soundcard you have but you can play around turning things on and off and use the ‘Test Muztang to check.

The little green ‘flag rectangle’