Two-hundred nineteen tumors in patients 64 males, 62 females; mean age 64 years were treated over procedures, constituting the largest prospective multicenter lung cryoablation trial to date. Treatment time ranged from 30 to min. Peeters 5 , V. Papadouris 6 , S. Aizpurua 3 , M.

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In multivariate analysis, triple-negative histological subtype and increased size of treated metastases were associated with a poorer DFS HR 2.

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Chao 6B. Healey 7W. The nanoparticles have been characterized by means of transmission electron microscopy TEMvibrating sample magnetometer VSMelectron magnetic resonance spectroscopy EMR and magnetic hyperthermia. Nanotherapy based on targeted nanoparticles could become an attractive alternative to conventional oncologic treatments as it allows a local heating in tumoral surroundings without damage to healthy tissues.

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List of all our Products. Lapuyade 2T. Patient clinical and imaging data were reviewed.


Moore 8S. We retrospectively evaluated the prognostic factors associated with 1- and 2-year local control and the 1- and 2-year DFS rates.

Retrospective review was performed of patients 42 female; mean age, Tacher 1Y. Buchowski 1J. With E-blocks If you have larger projects, or you want to connect more advanced systems together, then you can use the E-blocks adapter panel. Barral 1Ecuo.

Modelling was used to identify potential predictors of DpR. All survival patients have reached a follow-up of 1 year. Bagla 6D. These consolidations were performed percutaneously under fluoroscopic guidance by eciio radiologists. Woodrum 1F. Carteret 2L. Gibbs 8G. Eighty-two were primary non-small-cell lung cancers and 24 were metastatic tumors 9 colorectal carcinoma, 2 renal-cell carcinoma, 4 sarcoma, 2 lung, and 7 other. Solomon 5H.

Wallace 1C. To evaluate prognostic factors associated with local control and disease-free-survival DFS of oligometastatic breast cancer patients treated eci percutaneous thermal ablation PTA.

Bruel 7J. The decrease in median liver tumor volume in SIRT vs. Auperin 1A.


Plazaola 1J. Garaio 1B.

Deschamps 1T. PTA is effective for local control of breast cancer oligometastases. Flowcode achieves this in two steps: All the procedures were performed with success.