Endosulfan sulfate residues have been reported in fish tissues that were exposed to endosulfan. Lack of cytogenetic effects in male rats. Guidelines for deriving numerical national water quality criteria for the protection of aquatic organisms and their uses. Although these values are in close agreement with acute values reported in the criteria document, the authors of these studies did not report quality assurance or control procedures. The user is advised to read the background information carefully to determine the strengths or deficiencies of the values given in the advisory. The excretion of endosulfan sulfate and endosulfan by fishes is rapid, and is complete days after dosing Gorbach, ; Schimmel et al.

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On the other hand, no effects on female rats or offspring were observed at dietary levels of 1.

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Effects of endosul- fan and its metabolites on rat liver mitochondrial respiration and enzyme activities in vitro. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology.

The acute values for fishes exposed to endosulfan ranged from 1. Although certain soil bacteria metabolize endosulfan to endosulfan sulfate, fungi are the major microbial producers of 5ggx metabolite in soils Rup and 5gz, Endosulfan sulfate levels in soil were 2 to 7 times greater than the parent compound 2 to 15 months after application of 0. Endosulfan sulfate has been detected at significant levels in tissues of fishes and in the waters and sediments adjacent to areas clt endosulfan application.

After application of endosulfan 6 times ct 3 months to nearby vegetation at the rate of Acute toxicity values reported since for invertebrates ranged from 2. National Research Council of Canada, Endosulfan intoxication-blood glucose, plasma electrolytes, Ca levels and hexokinase in rats.


It is uncertain from this report whether these algae were exposed to the metabolite directly or indirectly as a result of exposure to the parent compound. The investigation presented here evaluates data compiled subsequent to the development of the endosulfan criteria and evaluates endosulfan sulfate data with respect to requirements for criteria development.

Properties, effects, residues, and analytics of the insecticide endosulfan. The majority of data from the literature with respect to endosul- fan sulfate and mammals deals with tissue levels of the metabolite after oral exposure to endosulfan. Accumulation, metabolism and effects of organochlorine insecticides on microorganisms. The principle producers of endosulfan are 5gxx Industries, Ltd. Although no significant ct in carcinomas occurred in male rats, a high incidence of sarcomas was found, but was not significantly greater than controls Reuber, No data on the acute or chronic toxicity of endosulfan sulfate to aquatic organisms were found in this investiga- tion.

Water Quality Advisory Endosulfan Sulfate

This criterion was based upon a no-observed-effect level NOEL of 0. Lack of cytogenetic effects in male rats. Although mortality occurred at ppm after 5 days of exposure by intubation in rats, no inhibition of mitosis or chromosome damage was cyl in cells of bone marrow and seminiferous tubules Dikshith and Datta, Interim criteria are estimated based on the summarized data and recommendations are made for additional studies.

Data elements required for criteria develop- ment formulae as defined by EPA Stephan et al.

Additionally, endosulfan sulfate showed negative results for mutagenicity in Ames tests Quinto et al. The current freshwater and salt water aquatic life criteria hour average for endosulfan are 0. Carcinogen NO Tumor incidence tests Incidence of NO tumor formation significantly more than the control for at least one dose levelor Data set which give the highest NO estimate of carcinogenetic risk, or Lifetime average exposure tests, or NO Human epidemiology studies NO if available, not required Threshold: An advisory concentration can be derived from a number of sources: No evidence of mutagenicity was found in Salmonella sp.


Levels of endosulfan sulfate less than 10 ppm had no effect on photosynthetic efficiency of Chlorella while levels greater than 2 ppm caused decreased cell division.

The advisory 5yx for the protection of saltwater aquatic organisms is estimated to be 0. The use and significance of pesticides in the environment.

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Pharmacology, toxicology, chl degradation of endosulfan. Endosulfan sulfate is also a metabolic byproduct in animals which is excreted rapidly and is reportedly similar in toxicity to the parent compound in rats Cassil and Drummond, ; McEwen and Stephenson, A planktonic crustacean NO cladoceran, copepod, etc.

Insect mayfly, dragonfly, NO damselfly, stonefly, mosquito, etc.

When there is no valid experimental evidence, a value may be derived from a model which uses structure-activity relationships SAR as its basis.