The boat had limited success until when Mercury props, headers, and widened transom with full length air traps made the boat much better. A pyrotechnic expert then installed a smoke bomb and the boat was taken out on the lake to film the aftermath of the explosion. His crew set up a high speed film camera right at water level at the edge of the lake. I got it in VERY poor condition and have been cutting new parts for quite some time now. The F boat was then mothballed in Clintonville, Ohio for over 30 years by the crew chief and co-owner Dave Nicholson. But the characters ring true. This is probably the most famous of Ron Jones Sr’s rear-engine hulls.

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Petersburg by Ron Hearn driving Miss Peaches. This boat set 3 Straightaway Speed records in it’s career. Later owned by Walt Beasley. Had a slew of them there, looks like it will be a good seller.

After the doctor had it, it was sold to Hydrlplane Mathew and raced out of Calif. I have its original wood trailer that came with it.

hyydroplane Power boat racing has definitely been given short shrift as a topic for Hollywood films. Up to then, they had a sponson to sponson race not soon forgotten.


Unlimited Hydroplane | Unlimited Hydroplanes ‘s and ‘s | Pinterest | Power boats and Boat

Once we got it home I contacted Will Farmer “the builder” to get some johnwon on the boat. First heat out, Walther hit a manatee, tore the rudder off the boat and the accident killed Walther. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

Engine was Sunbeam Imp cc modified for alcohol and was run from to I remember the day that happened very well, because we were racing at Silver Lake Everett. The Town Club driver makes a suicide right turn to avoid the Madison and crashes violently, killing him a bit of Hollywood fiction added to the plot.

Sat on the shelf for nearly five years following its completion before being given a limited release in April I believe he is the grand nephew of the driver. You can feature your boat in this section or if you prefer, especially if you had a few boats have your photos posted in your own photo album on johnsoon website.

Thunderboating – A Personal Memoir – Chapter 9

Double Trouble Y 48 ci class hull with Crosley 4 cyl Built in ? This enabled me to be more objective.

Dora Antique Boat Festival. For an International race, this boaat was powered by a Maserati. Retired from competition in after setting 15 world records, 5 in 1 year winning 3 Nat’l Hi-Point Championships, 5 Nat’l.

The Aqua Flyer was sold to me in Probably go for a “buy it now” rather than an auction, that way U know U got johnsin. Since it never had a name or number, the name Henry’s Tenth was agreed upon by Henry Lauterbach as he believes it is the tenth hydroplane he built and the oldest of his hydroplanes still in existence.


The boat was stored in a barn in Nutter Fort after the owner had a stroke. nuddy

Prior to his death inhe had hydroplne to portray his own father in an earlier version of the script. My brother and I raced the boat in Region 10 during and most of the season. There was no reliable waterproof glue back then. Will watch it tonight.

Madison – A Movie Review

I know that I succeeded in this regard. In all, it had been the greatest adventure of my life. I tried to strike a balance between the factual reporting and the hometown sentiment.

I moved to Florida in the boat has been indoor storage ever since. Some of Chett’s accomplishments with this boat include: Sabre Dance E cu.

One of them has been located and is being restored by his son.